Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today, I finally was sent to the house we were working on. I had been painting fences, boards, and other things with Mr. Dutrow for the past few days. When i got to the house i was amazed at just how small it was because i knew just how many people lived there. Then when we got closer all the kids came flooding out, so those of us with down time spent it playing with them. Man their little balls of energy flying everywhere. we worked on finishing the flooring in the hall way. The hardest parts were the last to pieces because they went under a pair of doorways each and they wouldn't fit no matter how many times we cut them at odd angles. At the end are entire group came and we took a group picture including all the kids and Mrs. Nelly, the grandmother and owner of the house, thanked us for all we did. This adventure i will remember for a long, long time.

Michael Morris

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