Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr. Peddicord's Final Thoughts

We had a wonderful week at the South Carolina Rural Mission. Once again our students stepped outside their comfort zone and showed what they are made of. They left family and friends and spent their entire Easter break helping and supporting others. Sunday night before we started our work week, I spoke to the entire group and reviewed the upcoming projects. We discussed working safely and working as a team. I am extremely impressed with the attention to detail each of the students provided on the job sites and the amount of work they accomplished.

To the parents – thank you for allowing your son to accompany us on this trip. It was awesome to see them pour themselves into their projects. Your sons made us proud. The Director of the Mission spoke to me Wednesday night and told me she is very impressed with the MSJ students work ethics. She went on to say they have hundreds of students pass through the Mission each year and the MSJ students take the lead with their politeness and professionalism. She asked I be sure to pass on to you what a pleasure it was for her and her staff to host MSJ students for a week.

Sarah- thank you for a wonderful job coordinating the whole week. You thought of everything ! Once again, a great experience I am honored to be a part of.

Ann - we are a great team. Thank you for all the support in getting the job done. Have a blast planning for the wedding. Remember, I want to see the pictures !

David – glad we were able to keep the chess games going. Not to happy that you won so many. All joking aside, thank you for all the support and guidance this past week. Always a pleasure working with you. We must have been brothers in a past life.

Ryan L., Jason, Fernando, Bennett, Evan – you guys rock ! You should be very pleased with what you accomplished this week. Each of you did a great job with the evening devotions on the Xaverian charisms. All of you were very supportive to the underclassmen on a daily basis. Yes, even with the fun stuff. I am glad we all have this trip to remember and reflect on. I am so happy to have the chance to work with each of you. As seniors you will find the rest of this school will fly by fast. The past four years of hard work has paid off and graduation will be here before you know it. Enjoy each and every moment. After graduation, please remember us at the Mount and stop by and visit us often and let us know how you are doing.

Parker, Ryan C., Ryan S., Owen, Dale, Josh, Matt, Luke, Dan C., Neal, Tom, Corey,

Nick, Miles, Mike, Dan S. - What a great team ! I know you are all tried after a hard week. I want to thank each and every one of you for your efforts this past week. And THANK YOU for working safely. I know each of the job sites were a little different. Some required painting, some required moving furniture and sorting belongings, some required digging a foundation. But no matter what site you worked on each of you gave it your all and showed your support for the local residents in many ways. I was so impressed with each of you for the kindness you showed the children at Ms. Nellie’s home. Those children will always remember your smiling faces and the fun times they spent with each of you. You touched each of them in a special way. Ms. Nellie was overwhelmed by your kindness and hard work. She especially loved that all of you came out to her home on the last day to see her new floor. She told me she will always remember each of you and (her words) “your smiling faces as you worked”. Thanks guys for a great week ! I

As it says on our new tee shirts, “ Without cost you have received; Without cost you are to give.”


Mr. Peddicord

MSJ Director of Facilities

Class of ‘72

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