Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rural Mission 2010 -- Day Four

My thoughts on these past days were pretty awesome. I love how everyone can cooperate and feel compassion in what they are doing. While helping the family and fixing up the church, I feel that what i am doing is very good. But now that i realize this, I notice that I have to show the same compassion and friendship towards everything that I do either by myself or with others. No matter what task it is, either cleaning up my room at home, or helping paint a house, I know I have to follow instructions and get the job done. Looking at these faces of the people that MSJ is helping, I realize that they don't have everything that we have, and also that I need to keep giving some things of my own to the less fortunate because they do need help, and that is what we are doing here this week. I am very grateful for this chance to go on this trip, and i love helping people, especially when it is fun things like building and painting. So far, i LOVE this trip.

Ryan Childres

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