Thursday, April 8, 2010

This week at Rural Mission was incredibly fun. I had the time of my life. My name is Ryan Lakis. I was here last year, but this year I am a senior leader. This week I started working at a home of nine children. They were taken care of their grandmother because their parents were too young to take care of them. Our group started taking out furniture and removing the carpet. The next day, came back and helped cutting floor boards and replacing the outside window trim. The third day, I helped complete the house. It was a lot of fun. While I was working, I played with the kids that lived there. They were so much fun; we played football and ran around playing tag. They were the most energetic kids I have ever met. The last day, I went to another house and painted the ceiling of a woman's patio. It did not take long, so the four of us went to the famous Charleston Tea Plantation where they make American Classic Tea. We walked through a tour and I learned a lot. We then visited the Shrimp Pier and saw the workers move fish that were at least one hundred fifty pounds. The last place we visited was the Angel Oak. It was a fenced in area with a tree about 200 years old. This trip was a lot more exciting than last year. We had a lot more people that I become friends with and had a great time playing during our free time. Most of the time we played tag and capture the flag and had the best time ever. I am going to leave with a lot more confidence. I really enjoyed being a senior leader. Having to lead other kids and teaching them the ways of construction was very fun. I wish I could do this again.

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