Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rural Mission 2010 Day Five

Greetings all!

As we near the end of our week here, a few reflections from our time here in South Carolina . . . Sunday: we learned that the average teenage boy can indeed survive five straight hours of church- and might even enjoy it! The Gullah-Methodist Service was quite popular amongst the boys- the music was incredible and lively and we all agreed that an hour and forty five minutes flew by . . . Monday we were all at one site (Ms. Nellie's)- it's amazing how much work can be accomplished with 21 boys- we cleaned trash from the yard, weeded, sorted clothes, pulled up carpet . . . so much so that the rest of the week we have been assigned to multiple sites. Tuesday our group split into two groups- one stayed with Ms. Nellie, the other group worked at the local church on painting jobs. The highlight of Tuesday was the Seafood Jamboree- the Gullah prayer warriors sang and prayed with us and then the band took over. We met another group that is working down here- and had a sing off . . Corey, Fernando, and Miles sang (and played) a beautiful rendition of "His Eye is on the Sparrow." Today we split into three groups- Ms. Nellie, one group stayed here at the mission to help paint some of the buildings, and the final group that I worked with went to Ms. Gaither's house to help dig footers for a foundation for her new house. As always, the boys are making impressions on those they meet. I can't tell you how many times I have heard compliments about how well behaved and thoughtful our young men are. Keep us in your prayers as we head into the final stretch!

-Sarah Slingluff

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