Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rural Mission 2010 -- Day 6

This trip turned out a lot different from what I expected. The first two days were the "rest & prepare" days of the trip, but when it got to the first day of working, it was the worst day because we had to move furniture, clothes, electronics, and we had to weed the entire yard. It was some hard work, and the bugs didn't help one bit, we got bit, some of the kids were getting sunburns all over their arms and necks. The upside of the day was getting to know the kids and the family that live in the house. The next couple of days of working were not as hard as the first because we got used to the work site. In the end, the kids made friends with us and enjoyed our company. You really get to know the kids that are in the cabin with you, you'll find some interesting stuff about the kids, but that's a cabin secret. The food was also great.

-Neal Hayes

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