Monday, April 5, 2010


Today was a very very very very very hot day. I loved it. I got a little red but that's okay. Today we went to our first work site and I held the night time devotion. Our devotion was a very powerful moving session. We reviewed today what we saw at our work site. For example the facts of reality we face and what we have to live with out. I had the mission group do a serious of questions that dealt for reasons why we were here and who we are working with and for. I also had a talk with the whole mission team of feelings of what the family has to go through every day and how lucky we are that we don't have to go through all those feelings. I think that all of us have a view and now understand the progress we have to make in order to get all our work done and to complete our project. I am excited for the days to come and for the devotions from all the senior leaders. Hope you all have fun reading this and have a great day at work just like us all. :)
Thank you, Senior Leader Fernando Melnychenko.

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