Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ms. S #2 has something to say...

As I sit here reflecting on this past week I am reminded of last years trip and how, despite the long days and nights, I was eager to return when asked. My instincts did not fail me. This trip, although different from last years, was a success. I enjoyed watching the young men meet, form bonds, play, work, and worship. Although out of their comfort zone, these boys rose above challenges, both on the work site and off, and were able to provide quality service to those truly in need.

To the parents: Thank you for allowing us to borrow your children!! This exceptional group of young men showed that they are indeed "workers who are worth their keep". It was my pleasure to watch them grow as groups and individuals. Seeing young men who care for others and are willing to give of themselves is a treasure!

Sarah (Ms S #1), Dave, and Dan: We are awesome. Seriously.

Ryan L, Evan, Bennett, Jason, and Fernando: You too are awesome. You showed me that there are still young people out there who care for others. You taught me that patience is indeed a virtue, but humor is a necessity. You led our group with confidence in yourselves and a cool maturity that the others look up to. Best of luck to you all in taking your next steps into the world, you are ready... I just hope the world is ready for you!

Mike, Tommy, Dan C, Dan S, Ryan S, Ryan C, Josh, Neil, Corey, Owen, Miles, Parker, Matt, Nick, Luke, and Dale: The awesomeness just continues! You all are my heroes (despite the fact that I never got to see the line dance I was promised). You came on this adventure not knowing what to expect, and learned to expect the unexpected. Despite any confusion you all poured your hearts into any task at hand, be it painting, flooring, picking up garbage, or playing with kids in need of attention. I feel that during the long ride home tomorrow there will be lots of sleeping AND quiet reflection about our week here at Rural Mission. I want to thank you all for teaching me, entertaining me, and showing me the type of men you are. Now we return you back to your families stronger men for taking this journey with us (despite the bumps, scrapes, boo-boo's, stitches, and owee's). Take care all of you!

"Not all who wander are lost"

Ms. Slingluff #2

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